More than a SIEM, an Intelligent Security Operations Center

A threat-detection security monitoring solution

Our tool manages Information Security Events (Security Information and Event Management) by extracting highly relevant information from your company’s monitored assets. This data is mined and transformed into data that identifies potential threats automatically. It is also used to ensure that the customer complies with established models such as PCI-DSS, NIST 800-53, MITRE ATT&CK, HIPAA, GDPR, and TSC.

Security Analysis

SmartiSOC collects, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes security data to assist organizations in detecting intrusions, threats, and behavioral anomalies. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, real-time monitoring and security analysis are required to detect and correct threats as they emerge.
Our lightweight agent provides the necessary monitoring and response capabilities, while our server component provides security intelligence and performs data analysis.

Endpoint detection and response

SmartiSOC satisfies the requirement for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats. We concentrate on providing the necessary visibility and insights to assist security and IT infrastructure analysts in discovering, investigating, and responding to threats and attack campaigns across multiple endpoints. We assist in the detection of hidden scanning processes that are more complex than a simple signature pattern and can be used to avoid detection by traditional antivirus systems. Furthermore, the agent has powerful active response capabilities that can be used to prevent a network attack, halt a malicious process, or quarantine a malware-infected file.

Host-based intrusion detection system

SmartiSOC operates at the host level, combining technologies based on anomalies and signatures to detect software intrusions or misuse. It can also be used to track user activity, evaluate system configuration, and identify vulnerabilities.

Management of compliance and security

We implement the security controls mandated by standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and others.


A complete SIEM solution

SmartiSOC is used to collect, analyze, and correlate data, as well as to detect threats, manage compliance, and respond to incidents. It can be used on-premises as well as in hybrid and cloud environments.

SmartiSOC Cloud

SmartiSOC Cloud centralizes threat detection, incident response, and compliance management in your on-premises and cloud environments. It provides a highly scalable, simple-to-deploy, and cost-effective solution.
SmartiSOC’s lightweight agents collect events and forward them to the SmartiSOC cloud infrastructure, where data is analyzed, indexed, and stored. SmartiSOC Cloud integrates Threat Intelligence (TI) sources with the data analysis engine to improve detection of emerging threats and enrich alert information.

Intruder detection

SmartiSOC agents search for malware, rootkits, and suspicious anomalies on monitored systems. They are capable of detecting hidden files, hidden processes, unregistered network listeners, and inconsistencies in system call responses. In addition to the capabilities of the agent, the server component employs a signature-based approach to intrusion detection, analyzing the collected log data for indicators of compromise using its regular expression mechanism.

Log data analysis

SmartiSOC agents read operating system and application logs and securely send them to a centralized manager for rule-based analysis and storage.
SmartiSOC rules alert you to application or system errors, incorrect settings, successful attempts and/or malicious activity, policy violations, and a wide range of other operational and security issues.

Monitoring file integrity

We monitor the file system for changes in the content, permissions, ownership, and attributes of the files you need to keep an eye on. Furthermore, we natively identify the users and applications that were used to create or modify files.
File integrity monitoring features, in conjunction with threat intelligence, can be used to identify compromised threats or hosts. Furthermore, several regulatory compliance standards, such as PCI DSS, demand it.

Vulnerability detection

SmartiSOC agents collect software inventory data and send it to a server, where it is compared to constantly updated Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) databases to identify known vulnerable software.
Automated vulnerability assessment assists you in identifying flaws in your critical assets and correcting them before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal sensitive data.

Cloud security

SmartiSOC helps to monitor the cloud infrastructure at the API level, using integration modules that are capable of extracting security data from well-known cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. We provide rules for assessing the configuration of your cloud environment and quickly identifying flaws. Furthermore, SmartiSOC agents are lightweight and cross-platform, and they are commonly used to monitor cloud environments at the instance level.

Incident response

When certain criteria are met, SmartiSOC provides ready-to-use active responses to take various countermeasures to deal with active threats, such as blocking access to a system.
Moreover, SmartiSOC can be used to remotely execute system commands or queries, identify indicators of commitment (IOCs), and assist in the execution of other forensic or incident response tasks in real time.

Regulatory compliance

SmartiSOC provides critical security controls required to meet industry standards and regulations. These features, in conjunction with their scalability and cross-platform support, assist organizations in meeting technical compliance requirements.
SmartiSOC is widely used by payment processors and financial institutions to meet PCI DSS requirements (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Its web user interface provides reports and dashboards that can aid in compliance with this and other regulations (for example, GPG13 or GDPR).

Evaluation of Configuration

SmartiSOC monitors system and application configuration settings to ensure they are in accordance with your security policies, standards, and/or protection guidelines. Its agents run periodic scans to detect applications that are known to be vulnerable, unpatched, or configured in an unsafe manner.
In addition, configuration checks can be customized to align with your organization’s needs. The alerts include recommendations for better configuration, references, and regulatory compliance mapping.

Continuous examination of runtime data

Alerting for privileged containers, vulnerable applications, a shell running on a container, changes to persistent volumes or images, and other potential threats, for example.

Container safety

SmartiSOC monitors and detects threats, vulnerabilities, and anomalies on your hosts and Docker containers. The Docker engine is natively integrated into the SmartiSOC agent, allowing users to monitor running images, volumes, network configurations, and containers.

Assessment of existing security controls

Compliance with the world market’s main frameworks

Give security teams and IT infrastructure the authority to take proactive and corrective actions

Enhance the environment’s cyber security


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