By automating the collection of cyber intelligence data, you save time and resources

SmarCyber provides access to over 100 data sources, allowing you to anticipate attackers and reduce your company’s attack surface.

Attack Surface Monitoring

What if email addresses from your company’s domain appear in a data breach, or an IP address from your network appears in a botnet tracker? SmartCTI can continuously monitor OSINT data sources and alert you when new intelligence about your organization is discovered.

No lines of code needed

Get information to obtain, detect, and investigate public vulnerabilities, leaked emails, usernames, IPs, Domains, deep web mentions, malicious IPs, botnets, backup files, leaked website information, open TCP ports, and hundreds of other extremely relevant data points for your business.

Asset discovery

With hundreds of data collection and analysis modules, you can be confident that SmartCTI will provide you with the most comprehensive view of your organization’s Internet-facing attack surface.

Assessments of Security

SmartCTI is popular among red teams and pentesters due to its broad OSINT reach and identification of low-cost resources, which reveals long-forgotten and unmanaged IT assets, exposed credentials, open cloud storage depots, and more.


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